SmartSkin CO2 Laser

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SmartSkin C02 Laser FACTS

The Smartskin C02 laser:

Uses microthermal C02 laser technology which resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin at multiple levels.

Stimulates the skin to make collagen, reversing the natural process of skin thinning and loss of collagen as we age.

Pigmented lesions (dark spots) react with the laser light to fade and lighten significantly.

The increase in natural collagen serves to tighten the skin and reduce fine lining.

A full face treatment only takes about half an hour, and recovery is in 5-10 days depending on the treatment.

The effect of the laser is adjustable depending upon the treatment requested and varies from superficial “freshening” of the skin to a full multilayer treatment for skin rejuvenation.

Treatment areas include the face, neck, décolletage, and hands.

Treatment costs range from $1000 up to $2875, depending upon the area to be treated, and consultations are always free.

Areas we serve: Central Point | White City | Ashland | Talent | Phoenix | Jacksonville | Eagle Point | Rogue River | Klamath Falls | Grants Pass | Roseburg | Eugene | Corvallis | Brookings | Coos Bay | Newport | Albany | Oregon City
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